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Conference: Doris Sommer at IAP, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Register Here

Alexandre Colli, brazilian former soccer player, in Boston

Alexandre Colli, former Flamengo soccer player, Cultural Agents and the Brazilian community will host an event On May 21st at 2pm, in the Framingham area, Boston. Among other collaborations with Cultural Agents, Alexandre developed Futevol Viral, a project for the prevention of violence against women. Soccer games, training sessions for children, Pre-Texts Activities, and support for Daniel’s Table, an organization that provides free food to neighbors in need, will be part of the gathering.


Cultural Agents at Documenta 15th

Cultural Agents will be present in Documenta 15th with these projects.






For the love of the word, an article about Pre-Texts in India

Prof. Yugank Goyal | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The etymology for school is “leisure”. As a place of ‘leisure’, it refers to an environment where students can engage with the curriculum without the pressure of learning. But how many students fondly recall their experiences in school or college as being leisurely or enjoyable? Read the full article here.

Pre-Texts in Argentina

Our Argentina team celebrates the beginning of a new cycle of workshops in partnership with the Vamos a Andar Cultural Center, for neighbors of all ages. We also celebrated the fourth consecutive year of Pre-Texts at the Comedor Siempre Carrillo.

Celebrating four years of Pre-Texts at Comedor Siempre Carrillo


Pre-Texts in the National University of Concepción, Paraguay

Our facilitator Salvadora Gimenez shares her experience implementing Pre-Texts with participants of the Doctoral Course in Education -with emphasis in Educational Management at the National University of Concepción. Enjoy the video here


Pre-Texts in Sergipe Federal Institute of Technology, Brazil

“Having fun with my students using Pre-Texts to help them understand how research questions works”, said Matheus Batalha about the use of Pre-Texts for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) students at the Sergipe Federal Institute of Technology.

Cascade Effect

Professor Eder Claudio Malta Souza led a workshop for 22 undergraduates of the pedagogy course at Uninassau in Sergipe as implementation of his Pre-Texts training that began in 2021 with Tom Osborn workshop. They read the text Há algo de bom (There is something good), by Leandro Karnal.

Hello World: Hello Boston by TransCultural Exchange

On April 23rd TransCultural Exchange brought together local artists, members of Boston and out-of-town guests for greeting to the world — a local show of gratitude to everyone, with the projection of Hello World video, which features artists around the world sending us their greetings through music, dance and video pieces everywhere connecting and weathering the pandemic.

Harvard’s Committee on Degrees in Social Studies and Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies partnered with the Cultural Services of the French Consulate, Bunker Hill College, and the International School of Boston for a Night of Ideas. The event included short talks on various topics, workshops, and even artistic performances. Click here to learn more about the program.


Ruben Blades at Harvard

Photo: Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

Rubén Blades (finally!) receives the Harvard Arts Medal. Prior to the Arts Medal ceremony, he took part in a student panel with Ines De la Morena, Martin Reyes Holguin, Doris Sommer, Dinah Orozco-Herrera, and Gilberto López-Jiménez. Blades called on students to find ways to help their communities wherever they happen to be. “If  you can find ways to contribute to the community, you will continue to be alive. The worst thing that can happen to anyone alive is indifference. That’s where death begins. The moment you are indifferent, you are gone”, he said. Read more about this event here.


Amnesia Atómica NYC

Amnesia Atómica is a multifaceted project commissioned by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists to re-introduce nuclear disarmament into the public narrative. The centerpiece is ZERO NUKES, a 30-foot inflatable mushroom cloud by Pedro Reyes. Amnesia Atómica will be on view in Times Square, May 17 – May 24, and at Frieze NY, May 18 – May 22, 2022.


Pantalla Partida declared of Cultural Interest in Buenos Aires  

Natali Schejtman’s book Pantalla partida, 70 years of politics and television on channel 7, has been declared of cultural and social communication interest by the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Watch the author in conversation by Cultural agents at DRCLAS


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May 16, 2022
by Rodriguez