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Cultural Agents offer internship for Harvard students and other students interested in developing their skills within our organization.

Pre-Texts Internship Summer 2022

Cultural Agents is starting a new remote internship program for Summer 2022 where Harvard undergrads are trained as facilitators of Pre-Texts and are then paired with a host organization to collaborate. Please contact Coordinator, Justin Hu

If you are interested in becoming a host, please fill out this interest form.

Are you a Harvard student and want to participate in the internship program? Apply here!


Pre-Texts Internship Summer 2021


In the summer of 2021, we offered eight-week, funded, remote program for Harvard students, where they were paired with a host organization, were trained as facilitators of Pre-Texts, and worked with host organizations on projects related to the organization as well as the implementation of Pre-Texts. Interns were reconnect every week with their cohort to receive feedback and created a community both within the host organizations and with Pre-Texts as a whole. The interns have experienced the power of community building, creativity, global citizenship, cultural exchange, and education. community building, creativity, global citizenship, cultural exchange, and education, let’s decide how to collaborate.

​Our internship host organizations spanned 4 different continents, from Central and South America, to Europe, Africa, and  Asia. Opportunities included political think tanks in Chile, independent artists in Colombia, Theater companies in Barcelona, The secretary of Education in Mexico City, and community programs both in the US and abroad. Click here to enjoy the results of the Summer Internship, 2021.

Still in 2021, students attending the Harvard Summer School course “Political Intervention Through the Arts”, held by Doris Sommer, demonstrated interest in the work lead by Cultural Agents, and were invited to join the CA staff. They have been experiencing citizenship and collaborating with the team in the expansion of the civic mission of the Humanities, taking part in the development of art and academic driven projects, implementation of Pre-Texts, and community building through social media.