Newsletter, June 2022

Cultural Agents at Documenta 15th

José Falconi will be participating in a series of Conversations in Documenta 15th

June 24 // The Intersection of Human Rights and the Arts
June 25 // The Day After: Transitional Justice and the Arts 
June 26 // De la teoría a la práctica (y Viceversa): Lecciones para las artes en contextos de justicia transicional

Pre-Texts, Online Session.  July 5, 5PM ET. Register Here


Pope Francis New Economic Questions: The Value of Uselessness

On June 16th, Prof. Doris Sommer participated on a panel to discuss the second new economic question posed by His Holiness Pope Francis: “What place does the current economic system give to uselessness, that is, to beauty?” . Enjoy video here


Cases for Culture” Conference

Save the dates of December 2, 3, 2022. for our “Cases for Culture” conference, hosted by the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University. December 2, 3, 2022.


Mafia Memorials and Messages

As a part of public art program Spazi Capaci in Palermo, Sicily, featured art displays applied to convey messages and memorials as social weapons against the Mafia. While controversies surrounding its suitability with surrounding city culture arose, the pieces’ power to invigorate critical artistic and historical discussion prevailed.

Researchers call for ‘rebellion’ against academic convention

Student performing at the University of Stockholm’s ‘Department of Circus’. Credit: Joakim Björklund

‘Write fewer papers, take more risks’. A group of education specialists are urging researchers to challenge the “structures and regulations” which define academic scholarship, arguing that different approaches are needed in an age of climate change, COVID-19 and rising populism.

Find more Interventions at Renaissance Now 


Welcome to Pre-Texts.Org

We are happy to announce our new webpage. Better access to news forms  reports and articles.  Dive in our teaching and training program.

Pre-Texts: a strategy for mitigating violence in the school context

On July 1st, Professors Matheus Batalha (IFS/MAC, ASL/UNINASSAU) and Paulo Autran (UNINASSAU) presented to Professor Javier Insunza Mora, representative of the Department of Education of the Illustrious Municipality of Santiago, Chile, the data of the first stage of the project “Pre-Texts in Sergipe Education: a strategy for mitigating violence in the school context”. The main objective of the meeting was to exchange experiences and align possibilities for future projects.

Show de Bola e Educação

On May 21 Rebeca Brito led a mini Pre-Texts session for 10 teenagers aged 12-16 years and 6 adults (student’s parents and soccer coaches) during the event called Show de Bola e Educação in Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States. They played with the text A realeza de Pelé by Nelson Rodrigues. One volunteer read the text aloud, while the other participants were attentive to ask the text a question. A question was drawn, read to the group that tried to answer it. Then a reflection was made about “What did we do?”.  During this moment coaches Gio and Alex shared with the boys about the importance of  devoting their time not just for soccer, but also for their education.


Dialogues on the Praetor’s edict through Mafalda’s cartoons

Salvadora Gimenez is leading a training workshop, the trainees are following our current training-and-teaching implementation program This is an intervention of a Mafalda’s comic strip by a student during implementations with the 3rd course, 2nd section of Philosophy, UNE University,  Course: Educación Inclusiva


Resources: How Creativity Works in the Brain

What is the anatomy of an “aha” moment? How and why did we evolve to have such experiences? Can we prime ourselves to have them more often? Why should we care? These and similar questions were the recent focus of a cross-cutting investigation by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) in partnership with the Santa Fe Institute (SFI).


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June 21, 2022
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