Newsletter, 14 February 2014

“The world sends us garbage. We send back music.”-Favio Chávez, Director, Orquestra de Instrumentos Reciclados Cateura

14 February 2014

Dear Friends,

We can’t get enough of your love and support today. Have a happy Valentine’s Day from Cultural Agents.

Cultural Agent and 2013 Prince Claus Laureate Orquestra de Instrumentos Reciclados Cateura, also known as the Landfill Harmonic, recently performed in Amsterdam.
More information here.

art is a force that drives innovation

Save the Date!
You’re invited to our presentation of the CONACULTA prize. Cultural Agents and the Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos (CONACULTA) annually honor a Mexican cultural agent for their extraordinary community intervention.
Join us for an inspiring evening of cultural agency that crosses borders!



Boston Mayor Marty Walsh reorganizes cabinet

“Two of the more notable changes in the reorganization are the creation of the ‘Joint Chiefs of Public Safety’ positions and the elevation of Arts and Culture as a cabinet-level position.”
\\Full article here.

Doris Sommer and Juliana Porto journeyed to Chile from January 27-31st to lead a round of Pre-Texts workshops with teachers from Un Buen Comienzo, a project run out of Fundacion Oportunidad that seeks to improve early education and language skills for disadvantaged young children.
Pre-Texts appeared in El Mercurio

Full article here.Nicaragua
At the same time, in Nicaragua, Victoria Mena from the Universidad Tadeo Lozano de Bogotá led a Pre-Texts workshop at the Instituto de Historia de Nicarangua y Centroamérica (IHNCA). A heartfelt thank you to Margarita Vannini, Director of IHNCA, who made the entire workshop possible.
Pre-Texts is now on the IHNCA webpage!

Thank you all who made this set of workshops successful!

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February 14, 2014
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