Newsletter, 14 May 2013

“It is difficult.” -Alfredo Jaar
14 May 2013
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Cultural Agent Alfredo Jaar’s latest project is on
Nigerian author Chinua Achebe.
Our subject title is a quote from Achebe’s classic,
Things Fall Apart.
Art is a force that drives innovation

Writers in love
with other art forms

“Henry James cared for painting in a way that distinguishes his work…
It is not by mistake that his most famous novel is titled The Portrait of a Lady (1881). Where some novelists give us their main characters in one go, telling us how they look and how they exist and what they are, James achieves clarity only in layers, in strange lighted moments, and in enigmas. “Even in the greatest portraits we find a gate we cannot open,” writes Michael Gorra in Portrait of a Novel, his 2012 book on James’ masterpiece. “There is always a limit to what we can know of the sitter, to how far we can read the soul in the face; the Mona Lisa’s smile provides but the most obvious example.”

Read the full Financial Times article here.

In an implementation facilitated by Naseemah Mohamed (Harvard ’12), students from the Nkulumane High School perform scenes from Achebe’s Things Fall Apart.
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (August 2011)

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On May 18th, PRE-Texts facilitators Tatiana BeltránStephanie Cedeño and Karla Sofía Leon will complete a successful training series for teachers preparing for the Heritage Academy, a Boston Public School Spanish-language program that is offered on Saturdays.

The summer program will run for five weeks.

Text used during the training:
La culpa es de los Tlaxcaltecas by Elena Garro

For more information about The Spanish Heritage Academy, please contact
Verónica Robles at

Stay tuned!

Cultural Agents & Pedro Reyes
reunite at Harvard
in July

Updates on this collaboration coming soon.

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