Newsletter, April 2022

Visit from Evelyn Perez-Rodriguez, Mission Director of USAID, Paraguay, to Harvard on Friday, April 29. To schedule a conversation about careers in foreign service, contact:

The Harvard Center for Mind Brain and Behavior has granted a new level of the Pre-Texts Nairobi Project with Shamiri Institute.



Monday, August 1, the Renaissance Now collective will present at Documenta on the Arts and Policy for Cities Certificate, 5 pm, Europe time.

Online workshop, early July in anticipation of the 4-part series during the first week of August

We are glad to announce that final plans are underway for our “Cases for Culture” conference, hosted by the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University. The dates are December 2, 3, 2022. Check Renaissance Now for more news.

Training in Pre-Texts for new Harvard Interns and allies begins on May 31. 🎉

Conference: Doris Sommer at IAP, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Register Here

Mahindra Humanities Center Seminar Series, starting in September 2022: “Art, Techne, Teaching”co-hosted by the Center for Hellenic Studies and co-hosted by Doris Sommer, Fawwaz Habbal, Nicolas Prevelakis, and Houman Harouni.

Register Here


Culture Connect Us

“Culture connects us. This is something I have believed for my entire life, and I have been lucky to see the proof wherever I go. Whether it’s a composer, orchestra and audience creating communality through a huge work, or a simple song shared by a mother and child, culture is how we create meaning, find purpose, understand each other, experience wonder and construct new realities.” We invite you to read this powerful reflection by Yo Yo Ma in You Are Here, Public Platform.


Renaissance Now is looking for someone with skill and vision to take us to the next level. We need a strategic planner and fundraiser with previous non-profit management experience, passionate about what artmaking can do for the world. Read more here

Renaissance Now is a partner in this winning initiative “The Next Renaissance” Book. The platform “” will be launched on April 21st!

Pre-Texts in Kenya, Shamiri Institute

Our partner Shamiri Institute, Kenya has been sharing reflections about Pre-Texts in their social media: “The conversations and reflections around the role of art in the world during our Pre-Texts Workshop last week were very interesting. Did you know that a simple change in the way we do things, such as sitting in circles instead of rows, could make a whole difference in decision making, our classrooms and our communities at large?” “Working with schools to facilitate Pre-Texts has taught us that we can use and re-use the materials we have to create art and make reading more fun. After working with the students, we asked them what they liked most about Pre-Texts and most of them responded that they enjoyed reading! Enjoy more about this partnership!
Read more about Pre-Texts!

Aspire for Young Leaders Around the World

Aspire is the only academy in Eastern Europe where Harvard and Stanford professors teach and inspire. Founded 10 years ago in Romania by five Ivy League graduates (Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and other), Aspire offers a unique experience to young leaders around the world through our leadership, entrepreneurship and personal development programs. Apply Here

Mapping the Public Humanities Ecosystem: Interview Series

Through this new series of interviews, Distributaries writer-in-residence Queenie Sukhadia seeks to sketch out the contours of the public humanities ecosystem—the centers, institutes and initiatives undertaking the work of the public humanities at CUNY—with an aim to share their work and offer their visions of the “public humanities” as a field, and the rich ways in which the ethos of this term is realized.

Ruben Blades at Harvard

For Harvard Students: Ruben Blades will be at Harvard the week of April 25 to receive the Harvard Arts Medal. With DRCLAS on Tuesday 26th at 7pm (in CGIS South basement), a student-run discussion about arts/culture and political activism.

Hello World: Hello Boston

April 23, 2022, 6:30 pm at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design’s Evans Way Park Façade (244 Fenway)

TransCultural Exchange invites artists, the public and out-of-town guests to gather together on Saturday, April 23 in Evans Way Park for a local show of gratitude to everyone, everywhere for weathering the pandemic with us. More information here

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April 25, 2022
by Rodriguez