Newsletter, August 2020

Upcoming Events

International Virtual Summit on Domestic/Family Violence in the COVID-19 Era

Warnings and reports show a significant rise in rates of exposure to Domestic/Family Violence during COVID-19 worldwide have been alarming. COVID-19 has mercilessly ripped open our assumptions regarding how we live with one another; and at our homes, in particular. “Sheltering in place” —  the primary structural protective measure against COVID-19 — has rendered an untold number of already vulnerable individuals and groups not only more dangerously defenseless but, when unable to flee, seek or receive help, voiceless and hopeless.

The International Virtual Summit will be a meeting over three consecutive mornings (9:00-13:00 EST), which would allow interested people from all over the world to participate. The first two days, 2-3 panels each, will focus on the various vulnerable groups in the home(s).The third morning will aim for a comparative & integrative roundtable discussion across populations and the presenters.The last segment will report recommendations for an Integrative Agenda for Action that would reassert and reawaken awareness of the importance of people, agencies and issues discussed; and lead to a commitment by all stakeholders to attain integrative prevention and healing.

Save the date: November 18-20, 2020. Register here.

Futebol Viral News: Alexandre Colli, Leader of Futebol Viral, will be a speaker at the UN Summit.


Webinar: El arte obra en el mundo: Cultura ciudadana y humanidades públicas

En esta clase magistral conversaremos sobre el rol de las artes y las humanidades en el fomento de la participación democrática y generación de una cultura cívica. Jueves, 27 de agosto de 2020, 12:00 – 13:00 EDT.  Register here. 

Pre-Texts News

Pre-Texts in India with the Shakthi Fellowship

The Shakthi Fellowship was created to ignite the ‘Shakthi’ in women and nurture them as creative problem solvers, conscientious leaders, and courageous entrepreneurs who transform our societies. The program is a response to the challenging situation of women in India, and is inspired by a conviction in women’s ability to initiate change in all facets of Indian society. Pre-Texts will be a pedagogy in this new program.

Pre-Texts with Paraguay Educa

On August 13, 2020, a webinar on Pre-Texts was organized by the nonprofit organization Paraguay Educa, “Taller de innovación pedagógica: Pre-textos, una metodología para estimular el aprendizaje, la creatividad y la ciudadanía.” The hosts helped to facilitate a mini Pre-Texts workshop with the participation of José Molinas and Carmen Giménez, who shared their experiences with Pre-Texts from the workshops with Instituto Desarrollo in July 2020. Watch a video of the webinar here.

Pre-Texts at Home, Hong Kong

During quarantine, Pre-Texts Asia Regional Director Clement Chung did some Pre-Texts at home in Hong Kong with his kids. They picked three verses (out of 26 from A-Z Bible verses), and could use drawing, drama or stories to express their interpretations. They all chose drawing. Then they had a gallery walk together to review and admire each other’s work. “It was fun, memorable and I’m very glad to report as a parent that it kept them happy and quiet for a while.” – Clement Chung

Check our Digital Pre-Texts page for regular updates.

Cultural Agents News

Arts Indicators for Safer Cities

A working group convened through Safer Cities of UN Habitat is developing indicators to measure the effects of participatory arts on violence prevention.

Futebol Viral Book Club

Futebol Viral now has a Book Club! Inspired by the Athletic Bilbao experience, the Book Club is an invitation to share readings with players, coaches, fans and athletes. The proposal consists of defining a text to be read within a certain time period and exchanging opinions during the process. With the Futebol Viral Book Club we propose to broaden the cultural horizon of both athletes and soccer fans, expanding not only vocabulary but also individual and collective imagination.

Collaboration with Vanderbilt University’s “Engine for Art, Democracy, and Justice”

Initiated by Magda Campos-Pons, as part of her appointment as the Cornelius Vanderbilt Endowed Chair Professor of Fine Arts, the EADJ “Engine for Art, Democracy and Justice” is a platform for academic creative and social exploration that takes visual representation as a focus and allies with many arts to develop new knowledge and new practices. It is a forum for a diversity of approaches and inclusive discussion on cultural interconnections, historical entanglements, and the consequences of geographies, histories, and politics. EADJ offers opportunities to engage with painful historical legacies and progress toward more just and democratic futures.


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August 4, 2020
by Rodriguez