Newsletter, August 2021

International Pre-Texts workshop for facilitators 

Rebeca Brito will lead a Pre-Texts workshop in English to people who want to become facilitators. The remote sessions will be launched on Saturdays from 9am to 11am EST time. For more information click here.

Pre-Texts workshop in La paz se toma la palabra project

Victoria Mena  will be leading a virtual Pre-Texts workshop for facilitators for the La paz se toma la palabra project team. The meeting will take place in August.


Stay Tuned to find more about Digital Pre-Texts Training Seminars


Repercussions around the world

Enjoy the repercussions of Renaissance NOW in Turkey and Paraguay with the participation of  Mayor Tunç Soyer of Izmir and Dr. Jose Molinas Vegas, director of Desarrollo Institute.

To see more about Renaissance NOW, art interventions, and news on cases for culture, visit our webpage.


Pre-Texts website in Portuguese and Spanish

The Pre-Texts website now has more features to reach more people. It can be viewed in Portuguese and Spanish. In addition, each country in which Pre-Texts workshops have been held has a unique page that you can check by clicking on the site in Track-us. Come check out this news and know where we’ve been.

Pre-Texts in Mannheim Library

Yilmaz Holtz Ersahin coordinated with Sina Weschke and Lina Seiss a Pre-Texts workshop in the Mannheim Library, Germany. 20-24 people participated in 6 sessions starting in May. They read  “The Two Kings and the Two Labyrinths” by Jorge Luis Borges and “Discipline & Punish” by Michel Foucault.

Pre-Texts in Ulysses Program published in an Brazilian Journal
Pre-Texts was one of the methodologies applied in the Ulysses Program: Pilot workshops on the stress of migratory conditions for Brazilians in Cambridge”. As a result one article was published in the Brazilian University Extension Journal. To enjoy the full article, click HERE.

Interview with Hortencia Chávez
Check out this interview with Hortencia Chávez, Mexican Pre-Texts Trainer, in which she tells us about her successful work with Pre-texts protocol in syndicates, cultural centers, prisons, streets and get inspired for future projects. 

Futebol Viral Mundial is back with Facebook livesThe Futebol Viral Mundial project launched Facebook live in the second semester of 2021 with the presence of Jean, a former soccer player of main soccer teams from Brazilian. Led by Alexandre Colli and Daniel Melo, in addition to talking about the life of Jean in his soccer career, they also discussed the importance of preventing violence against women. To know more about this amazing project, click here.

Tom Osborn selected as TED Fellow

Tom Osborn, Pre-Texts African director, participated in TED Monterey 2021. Founder of Shamiri, a youth-led organization committed to providing affordable, evidence-based mental health care to young people, he was selected as TED Fellow for his remarkable achievements, the potential impact of his work and his commitment to community building across Sub-Saharan Africa and especially Kenya.


2nd Latin American Festival of short films and video minutes

Fotocrazy and Belleza y Felicidad Fiorito invite you to Soñar Soñar – 2nd Latin American Festival of short films and video minutes for communities and neighborhoods ¿¡peripheral!?. This festival is aimed at all communities or neighborhoods in Latin America. Applications can be individual or collective. The Festival is open to people or groups that meet in workshops, social organizations, schools, penitentiaries, friends’ houses, corners, places. Read more here.

Solidarity Book Project

The Solidarity Book Project encourages us to think deeply about what solidarity means and to make that commitment material through art. Do you believe in the transformative power of books? Are you in solidarity with Black and Indigenous communities? Do you think art can impact change. The Solidarity Book Project was envisioned by Professor of Art and Art History Sonya Clark ‘89, as one way for Amherst College, in its Bicentennial year, to recommit to a more equitable future by pushing against legacies of settler colonialism and anti-Black racism. This art initiative is open for public participation and engagement. Read more HERE



Indigenous Literatures of America Award – 2021 

The Indigenous Literatures of America Award (PLIA) is aimed at writers of the indigenous peoples of the American continent, regardless of their current place of residence. This is an open call to present literary works that express or recreate the aesthetic, semantic and discursive elements of the culture and language of the participants. Click here to apply.


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August 4, 2021
by Rodriguez