Newsletter, August 2022

Renaissance Now Launched Arts and Policy Certificate for Cities

During July, Renaissance Now held the first application of the Certificate Program in Arts and Policy for Cities in Mannheim with the presence of civic and government leaders from different management areas and institutions.  Click here to read the full program. 

Renaissance Now, with the support of the Instituto Desarrollo (ID) and Cultural Agents (USA), held in early August, the Certificate Program for Cities “Innovating in Public Policies” with the aim of building a shared framework for collaboration among leaders of municipal governments to take advantage of the renewable resource of participatory arts. Click here to find more about this program.


Doris Sommer and José Molinas Vega in ROTATIVO 5D, 5díasTV

Cases for Culture Conference Save the dates: 2, 3 December 2022


Cultural Excursions, Argentina

During August and September, the children and families who participate in the Pre-Textos Workshops at the Comedor Siempre Carrillo and the Juegoteca Mugica will visit the Haroldo Conti Cultural Memory Center and Parque Chacabuco. We will participate in guided tours, botanical expeditions and a workshop open to the community. Visit our When? section to learn more about our events.


Equity of Gender and Race, Colombia

In July, Aly Tarmin and Victoria Mena led a Pre-Texts workshop on “Gender and Race Equality through Pre-Texts” for 10 to 20 participants from different countries. The workshop is an implementation, part of the Summer Internship 2022.

Cultural Agents Network of Universidad Mayor, Chile

“The installation of Pre-Texts methodology will facilitate innovation and generation of more challenging learning spaces within the subjects, and will allow the establishment of a network of collaboration between professionals from different disciplines that we hope will promote the creation of projects and initiatives with social impact that will extend its benefits to the external community,” explained Belén Contreras, Director of Extension of the Vice Rector’s Office of the Universidad Mayor, at the end of the training sessions at the Santiago de Chile and Temuco campuses. The group of trained academics will be part of the Cultural Agents Network of Universidad Mayor. The experience was reported in the newspaper Diario Mayor.

 Wiseman Education, Hong Kong & Mainland China

Clement Chung, our ally from Wiseman Education, is running a Pre-Texts workshop on The Little Prince. We invite you to see the book covers and tangents made by the students. Read more!

Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany

From April 20th to July 13th, 2022, Vanessa Ramos-Velasquez led a Pre-Texts implementation to a group of 9 to 12 people. They met weekly to share perspectives and learn about themselves, each other and Amazonian shamanic philosophy via the Pre-Texts protocol, with the book “The Falling Sky” by Davi Kopenawa Yanomami/Bruce Albert. This implementation came from the International Pre-Texts workshop, 2021. Read more!


Delhi City Schools, India

Our team in Delhi concluded a first Training Workshop and began with a second one at City Schools. “This journey- right from day one- has been packed with fun learning and a lot of unlearning” says local facilitator, Shruti. Read more!


Forum Theater with Pre-Texts Facilitators, Paraguay

As part of the follow-up work on the implementation of Pre-Textos in Paraguay, during the first week of August a session took place at Teatro Foro in which we acted out tragedies about sexual violence, corruption, environmental degradation. Do you want to know more about Teatro Foro ? Click here.

Internship’s Blogs 2022

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the incredible experience of the Pre-Texts interns and their host in the Internship 2022. Blogs are available now!

Digital Workshop Series

The Creative Bureaucracy Festival is extending its yearly events with the new Digital Workshop Series in 2022. The series starts with four partner-run workshops that deep dive into creative bureaucracy approaches, strategies and methods. On the first Thursday of every month, starting from 1 September 2022, one or more of our partners will be sharing inspiring impulses in a 90-min online workshop on a specific topic to empower creative bureaucrats in their work. More information here.


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August 22, 2022
by Rodriguez