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Arts and Policy Certificate Program – Paraguay 2022

The Certificate Program for Cities in Arts and Policy will be hosted in Asunción, Paraguay during 2022. Prof. Sommer visited Paraguay to plan, together with José Molinas Vega (Instituto Desarrollo), the start-up of the Program next year. In addition, she facilitated Pre-Texts workshops in Asunción (Universidad Nacional de Asunción and Training Centers), Ciudad del Este (Universidad Nacional del Este), Saltos del Guairá (Universidad Nacional de Canindeyú) and Concepción (Universidad Nacional de Concepción). Click here to read the full report.


Watch here the television program, El péndulo.


Peruvians politics meets a great contemporary novel
On Thursday, November 18 the Cultural Agents Initiative promoted a conversation about “El espía del Inca” by Rafael Dumett, between the author, Prof. Doris Sommer and Prof.  Alberto Vergara. José Luis Falconi was the moderator. Click here to enjoy the full conversation.


Meeting at the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires

On Monday, December 13, representatives of Cultural Agents attended a meeting with officials of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires: Enrique Avogadro, Minister of Culture; Manuel Vidal, Chief of Cabinet of the Minister of Education; Emanuel Ferrario, Vice President of the Legislature and Nicolás Gil Lavedra, President of Mecenazgo. During the meeting, the Certificate Program in Arts and Politics was presented and strategies for the growth of Pre-Textos Argentina were outlined.
Photo courtesy of BA Cultura @StevenSierra



MWRL 100mm by Mladen Miljanovic

Mladen Miljanovic, an artist and professor, wants to explore how art can reconcile opposites and practically support societies going through transformation. With MWRL 100mm he explores the role of the artist in constructively deconstructing, decontaminating and reconstructing spaces. The intervention is a micro experiment in how artistic strategies can be used to support wider social healing and reconciliation. Visit You Are Here, Public Platform to find more notable interventions.




Our Story on TED Talks

“We are shaping the future by building a world where young people, anywhere, can actualize their life outcomes. We are doing this by making mental health affordable, personalized, and community-driven.” This August, Tom Osborn shared the story of the work of Shamiri Institute with Pre-Texts on the TED main stage in Monterrey, Carlifonia. The full video is online now.

Pre-Texts Teachers Pilot in Kenya

We are very happy to announce that our Kenya Team will do a pilot next year with all the teachers across the country since the Teachers Service Commission has agreed to work in alliance with the Pre-Texts program.




6th grade students read Gorky’s My Childhood 

The teachers used Pre-Texts’ pedagogy to integrate play, custom activities and assessment with 210 6th grade students at Shanghai Wenlai reading Maxim Gorky’s “My Childhood” together. The students discussed the author’s relationships with his grandfather and grandmother and showed their interpretations through drawings, drama, and sound performance. During these sessions, East China Normal University, Shanghai Education Bureau, SH Public Examination Authority and principals of top schools conducted classroom observation of eight teachers, these are some of their appreciations: “Win-win – growth in teachers’ professional development and passion in teaching, as well as students’ growth”, Teacher Shi; “Multiple strategies are seen to fulfill teaching goals.” , Principal Ma. Read the full report here.




Pre-Texts Argentina 2022

During the second week of December, our team in Argentina held two days of follow-up and planning for the development of Pre-Textos Workshops in the Comedor Siempre Carrillo and the Juegoteca del Barrio Mugica during the coming year.



Amoeba Tour with Harvard Museums Virtual Gallery

As part of the Museum Studies course “Museum as Active Learning Space” during the fall of 2021, participants co-created a virtual Amoeba Tour with this online gallery. Amoeba is a reference to the changing shape of the group as it morphs to follow one guide and then another. Each person chooses an image and decides which will be a corresponding passage from the text we were using as material for interpretation of the image.  Of course this means interpretation of the text as well. In this session we used Michel Foucault’s “Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison.” Take the tour! 




Pre-Texts and Performance Arts at FIPR 2021, Argentina

“On the other hand, I found that the raw material for both encounters would be a prose text by Salvador Dalí, at first – and secondly – quite inaccessible. After three listens, the instructions were: draw a cover and show it; ask a question to the text and show it; choose a question from someone else, answer it with a poem and show it.” Read here the full article by Emilia Perez, one of the participants of “Contra toda eternidad”, the poetry and performance workshop developed with Pre-Texts methodology by Tálata Rodriguez at the Rosario International Poetry Festival  2021.
Photos by FIPR2021




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Paraguay Office

Prof. Sommer facilitated a Pre-Textos Workshop for professionals of the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences UNA and the Training Centers allied to the Rule of Law and Culture of Integrity Program. This Program is promoted by the Instituto Desarrollo, with the technical and financial support of USAID/Paraguay.




Colombia: Peace Speaks Up

Our expert facilitator from Colombia, María Victoria Mena, was invited to participate in Cultura Ciudadana to talk about the role that Performance, Scenography and Narratives play in the construction of citizenship and cultural transformation. Click here to see the full report of her latest workshops with Afro-Colombian texts for the program “La paz se toma la palabra”.


The Association for Global Political Thought announces that its inaugural conference will take place in person at Harvard University on Friday and Saturday, April 8-9, 2022. A call seeking proposals explore ways to enrich the study of political, social, and international thought; broaden the scope of political traditions and their languages; interrogate the discipline’s constitutive exclusions and the limits of existing research methods; or address the theoretical and historical foundations of contemporary global political predicaments will be open until Friday, January 21, 2021 at midnight Eastern time.




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