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Book Launch

Book Launch: With participation from Pier Luigi Sacco, Tom Osborn, Adriana Gutierrez, Luis Reyes, Joshua Peck, Isabella Madrigal and Sophia Madrigal.

Caminos de paz  [Pathways for Peace]

El País, Feb 8, 2024

Generations of pilgrims on spiritual quests can inspire us to set out together and discover territories and people we may not know well enough or care about deeply yet. An alternative to tourism which appeals to consumerist practices, pilgrimages develop relationships and ethical, ecological, responses. To care for the planet means both to love it and to be responsible for it. Read here



Opera Trucks

Fabio Cherstich and Leandro Valiati will be contributing a Case for Culture on this important initiative.



Pre-Texts at Repubblica’s Il Venerdì

“I am so happy and proud that we are today in Repubblica’s Il Venerdì, one of the most popular Italian news magazines. It is fundamental that this kind of information reaches the wider public and does not remain within the closed circle of the scientific literature. We want to make an impact and help people address their health and wellbeing issues in a more hopeful and effective way, and this is a big step in this direction.”, Pierluigi Sacco.

To discover more about the projects carried out by facilitators trained in the 2023 Pescara workshop, click here.

Universidad de las Américas Education Journal, Chile


Paulina Núñez ‘s Reflection in the Universidad de las Américas Education Journal about Pre-Texts. 



Creative Expression as an Antidote to Depression

Access the article written by Catterina Seia on the IBSA Foundation’s blog addressing why the Pre-Texts protocol is a potentially scalable and low-cost solution to address the mental health of young adolescents. It explores the impact of artistic literacy on well-being, shares insights from the application of the protocol in Kibera, Nairobi, and highlights its positive effects on reducing depression and anxiety symptoms among adolescents.

For more details, read the full article:

What’s Up?, Colombia

Our Regional Coordinator for Colombia, Victoria Mena, tells us about the work done in 2023 and the next steps for 2024.

Workshop at the Colombian Consulate in Boston

The Consulate of Colombia invites community leaders to a Pre-Texts training workshop led by Doris Sommer. The workshop will take place between February 27 and March 6, and participants will read Chapter 2 of ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ by Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez.



José Luis Falconi to Lecture at TCNJ Art Gallery

More information at:


Weavers Meeting

We invite the entire Pre-Texts community to participate in the next Weavers Meeting to be held on March 2nd at 9 am ET.
Confirm your attendance by writing to

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