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Pre-Texts Internship Summer 2022

Cultural Agents is starting a new remote internship program for Summer 2022 where Harvard undergrads are trained as facilitators of Pre-Texts and are then paired with a host organization to collaborate. Please contact Coordinator, Justin Hu

If you are interested in becoming a host, please fill out this interest form.

Are you a Harvard student and want to participate in the internship program? Apply here!

Enjoy Pre-Texts Internship Summer 2021 video.


Tokyo University of Arts

On January 20 at 4pm, Doris Sommer will talk about her book “The Work of Art in the World” and “Bilingual Aesthetics” invited by Tokyo University of Arts.

                                                  Pre-Texts: A Tool for Peace

Our Colombian team reported their final experience in the La Paz se toma la palabra project. During five sessions, 20 mediators gathered from different shores of Colombia to carry out the Pre-Texts training. They used the novel by Manuel Zapata Olivella called Changó el gran putas, a text that gave space to different activities of Pre-Texts to break its complexities with songs and images.

We love Pre-Texts!

The Pre-Texts project continues to advance in China. In Wenlai Middle School, Shanghai, the 6th grade learners are excited to start reading the book “My Childhood” by Gorky. Reading is no longer a task but a present! Reading more became their new year’s resolutions. Stay tuned with the project in China!


Project in Kenya

The Pre-Texts project in Kenya has reached over 300 adolescents from Kibera, a slum in Nairobi, working in 2 schools. In partnership with Shamiri Institute, our African team works to deliver arts-based intervention to these youth. This year, at the end of the study, we hope to use the findings to include Pre-texts as part of the Shamiri toolkit to help reduce anxiety and depression symptoms among adolescents. We are planning to work with the Teacher Service to run workshops for teachers soon and we completed our pre-registered clinical trial; findings to be sent imminently. Stay tuned in this wonderful project!


Pre-Texts workshop for teachers in Aracaju, Brazil

In December 2021, Matheus Batalha and the Brazilian team led the last session of Pre-Texts workshop for teachers from two Aracaju’s public schools, Brazil. 24 teachers participated in the meetings at the Ivo do Prado State School and Professor Maria das Graças Azevedo Melo State School, completing the first stage of the project, which intends to establish the mitigation of violence in public schools through the use of Pre-Texts tools. The event received notoriety in the local media.

In the next stage, teachers will use elements of the Pre-Texts methodology with their students, during classes. We are looking forward to knowing the final result of this project. Click here to know more about this project.

How can we foster learning through creativity?

The Course “Pedagogical Innovations. Pre-Texts Workshop”, was developed in the framework of the Rule of Law and Culture of Integrity Program, promoted by #ID with support from USAID/Paraguay, during December 2021.  Watch this video to hear the testimonies of all participants.

New Policy for facilitators!


National AIDS Memorial Quilt

In the midst of the HIV/AIDS crisis, LGBTQ+ rights activists famously fixed a patchwork of love and honor into an ever-growing quilt. As a memorial to those lost, the Quilt’s legacy, story, and nearly 50,000 patches continue to be displayed and remembered today.

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January 24, 2022
by Rodriguez