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Art of Business: World Economic Forum presentation

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland from January 15-19, Johanna Zuleta curated a session titled The Art of Business. She cross-pollinates among leaders in business, politics, arts and humanities to develop synergies and make visible the interactions among fields that often stay in silos.  Featured at the meeting were Hans Ulrich Oberist, distinguished curator of the Serpentine Gallery in London, Pedro Wirz, Brazilian visual artist who lives in Zurich and exhibits worldwide, and Doris Sommer, of Cultural Agents at Harvard University. They participated in the principle theme of many WEF meetings: How AI will change everything. On this issue, our contributions focused on the important role of imagination and judgment to take advantage of AI rather than to be led by it. They highlighted the role of arts in leadership, showcasing how art is a resource for collaboration, and how creativity can be a guiding force in navigating complex challenges.

Bluegain’s event in the WEF

At bluegain’s Luncheon event during the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, we asked: “What holds the world together?”
Doris Sommer shared her insights on art and culture as catalysts for paradigm shifts. Emphasizing the need for a collaboration between AI and human faculties, including judgment. It’s one thing to expect AI to refine its results, and another to consider what AI means for human beings who will prefer to take short-cuts to thinking and creating. The promise is to make AI a tool, not a decision maker.


Book Launch Pre-Texts International

Join us for the Book Launch of Pre-Texts International on Feb 21 at 3:30 pm ET, showcasing facilitators worldwide.
The event will take place at the Thompson Room, Barker Center, Harvard University. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to delve into the world of Pre-Texts and explore the transformative power of art in education.
Zoom link.
See you there!


Opera Trucks

Fabio Cherstich, producer of major operas in the Rome Opera House and the Massimo of Palermo also developed “Opera Trucks” to perform in vulnerable neighborhoods. He  will be presenting this work for  “Pedagogies for Life“, the Seminar of the Mahindra Humanities Center.
He will be joined by Leandro Valiati, cultural economist and co-author with Fabio of a future Case for Culture about the Opera Trucks
Friday, March 22. 4 pm
Plimpton room at Barker Center Humanities Center, Harvard University


Weavers Meeting

We invite the entire Pre-Texts community to participate in the next Weavers Meeting to be held on January 27th at 10 am ET.
Confirm your attendance by writing to


Global Arts-Literacy Internship: Apply by Feb 1st!

Photo from Isabella and Sophia's internship.

Join the Pre-Texts summer internship program, linking undergrads with international host organizations. Immerse yourself in a two-month experience leading arts-literacy workshops through the innovative Pre-Texts methodology.
Apply by February 1st!
Contact for more information. Lean more.


Amoeba Tour December 8th Report

Breanna Bonner 2023-2024 UCHI Undergraduate Research Fellow, Floor Mentor for Human Rights and Actions Learning Community.
Read Breanna’s reflection by following this link.


Projeto Despertar, Brasil

Projeto Despertar: Development of Socioemotional Skills and Entrepreneurial Education Methodologies for Socioeducational Adolescents ‘ aims to implement innovative methodologies for personalized learning, the development of socio-emotional skills, and entrepreneurial education within the socio-educational system of the Federal District and Goiás, Brazil.


Under construction: ¡Pre-Textos Va!, Argentina

Pre-Textos Va

Go Pre-Texts!

Lear more about Pre-Texts in Argentina.


What’s up in Chile

Paulina Núñez shared with us what has been happening with the Pre-Texts in Chile during the year 2023 and what the plans are for the year 2024.


Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez – Universidad Mayor

Pre-Texts methodology was implemented in different courses of Strategic and Oral Communication (Universidad Mayor) and CORE of Argumentative Writing: Bioethics (Universidad Mayor).
and Oral Communication (Universidad Mayor) and CORE Argumentative Writing: Contemporary Bioethics (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez), with the purpose of Contemporary Bioethics (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez), with the purpose of promoting reading comprehension, writing and public speaking, and to promote the co-construction of knowledge and peer feedback.
Lear more.


Pride Texts in Pescara


Pride Texts flyer

Giulia Candeloro and Mara Patricelli will be facilitating a workshop at Casa Arcobaleno, the point of meeting of all the LGBTQIA+ associations of Pescara, Italy. Its aimed for activists, teachers, and cultural operators.
Learn more about Pre-Texts in Pescara.


“Ritual” for inclusion in Fontecchio

Fontecchio is a town in Italy with about 300 inhabitants from approximately 15 different communities. Over the last 3 years, there has been a 10% increase in the population. Valeria Pica and Giulia Candeloro will lead a series of Pre-Texts meetings to read ‘Ritual’ by Dimitris Xygalatas and discuss social inclusion from the perspective of personal traditions.
The workshop is open to newcomers in the village with no age limitations, and it is free of charge. It is organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Fontecchio and will be held in the local library.


Pre-Texts CO: BASF, Shanghai

On January 6, 2024, Dora Du and Emma Fang will co-lead a Pre-Texts workshop for children, aged 8-13, of BASF employees. With the support of Clement Chung they explore their parents’ work through art-making.
Follow this link to see a video of the experience.


Bourges Selected as European Capital of Culture 2028

The French city of Bourges has been selected as the European Capital of Culture for 2028, a decision that was largely influenced by cultural agent Pierluigi Sacco, president of the Bourges 2028 association. This choice is in line with the previous selections of Budweis for the Czech Republic and Skopje for North Macedonia.


Leading the Future Summer in France

Pre-Texts is excited to be collaborating on the Leading the Future summer camp global leadership programme, led by The Centre for the Arts and Global Leadership in south west France.
We are seeking Pre-Texts facilitators who would like to work alongside professional artists and theater educators to co-lead the workshops and community performances of the young people.
For more information and registration links, visit or contact Director Caroline Watson at

Find more opportunities.


Pedro Reyes at the Museo de Arte Moderno de México


Pedro Reyes will participate in the group exhibition “Architectural Brutalism in Mexico” until April 28, 2024 at the Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City. The exhibition, curated by architect Axel Arañó, reviews the origin of the term Brutalism, its occurrence and roots in Mexico, as well as its formal and compositional characteristics.


Marina Sala: Museums and Human Rights

Museums and Chill presents an interview with Marina Sala on the role of museums and human rights. They explore the various ways in which museums can actively engage with human rights, and delve into the multifaceted roles they play in promoting and protecting these fundamental principles.































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