Newsletter, July 2021


The recording of the Launch of RENAISSANCE NOW, “Art is a Game Changer for Societal Challenges” has been released. Click on the video to see and listen the interventions of key-policymakers, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and academics such as Mrs. Maimunah Sharif, Sameh Wabba, Senator Guido Girardi, Mayor Kurz (Manheim), Mayor Soyer (Izmir), Sergio Fajardo, Charles Landry, Rainer Kern, Fawwaz Habbal, Tarun Khanna, Pier Luiggi Sacco, Stephen Wyber, Ege Yildrim, Irena Kurnikova, María Magdalena Campos-Pons and Kamal Amakrane.

Coming soon: “Cases for Culture – Journal of Measurable Interventions”; and Certificate Program for Policymakers “Culture and Development” along with a public Platform: “You Are Here” to make your projects known and stimulate collaborations.


Upcoming Events

Pre-texts & Belleza y Felicidad Fiorito Zoom Party
On Saturday July 31st we invite you to the literary Zoom Party organized by ByFF & Pre-Texts Argentina. The party will be hosted by the teenagers from the workshop and it’s based on Silvina Ocampo’s short story, La casa de Azúcar. Music, challenges, rhythm, and poetry are expected. Click here for more information.

Pre-Texts Training in Brooklyn
We will have a Pre-Texts Training for the Church of the Good Shepherd in Brooklyn, with Rev. Juan Carlos Ruiz, starting August 6. Read more about Rev. Juan Carlos Ruiz mission.

Pre-Texts News


Harvard Interns and other collaborators developed Pre-Texts in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Hong Kong, Germany 
Our map continues growing by the work of Pre-Texts trainers around the world. This month Harvard Interns and other collaborators developed 15 hours workshops to get their Pre-Texts Protocol certification. Through that, we will be launching new projects in Brazil, Argentina, China, Kenya, Colombia, Mexico, Germany, Paraguay, and in the U.S.. The workshop started and ended strongly, with participants forming a good flow and strong understanding of the Pre-Texts methodology. It is inspiring to see the excitement among our collaborators, and we cannot wait to continue updating everyone on the progress made as our new projects unfold. Track us here.

  The First Digital Pre-Texts Weavers Meeting
On Saturday, June 26th, the 1st Digital Pre-Texts Weavers Meeting was held. Facilitators from Colombia, Spain and Argentina share reports, doubts and experiences. New opportunities came up so we can push ourselves to continue to ground the Pre-Texts protocol in our communities. Stay tuned here.

Highlighted News

JAMA Psychiatry published the findings of the Shamiri intervention for adolescent depression and anxiety symptoms in Kenya
JAMA Psychiatry—the world’s leading psychiatry journal— published the results of the clinical trial of Shamiri Institute‘s group-based intervention for adolescent depression and anxiety in Kenya. This publication is a testament that data-driven approach to building a new mental healthcare model across Africa works. Tom Osborn, our Africa regional director, is part of this research. Read more here.


 Art and Human Rights

Jose Falconi, president of Cultural Agents Inc., was invited to occupy a new position in Art and Human Rights, at University of Connecticut. Read more here.

Doris Sommer participated in Congreso Futuro

On June 20th Doris Sommer participated in the new edition of Congreso Futuro. She spoke about the importance of art and science to create a much more inclusive society, which helps to overcome the different crises that the world faces. She also analyzed the new laws on the use of plastic that have been enacted in recent months. Listen to the full interview here.


RENAISSANCE NOW in World Forum broadcast from Mannheim 

On July 16th, RENAISSANCE NOW was featured in the World Forum broadcast from Mannheim by Doris Sommer. Click in the video to enjoy the full session of the Forum. Click here to know more about RENAISSANCE NOW.

Getting ready for the Global Parliament of Mayors in October, Palermo.

The GPM Annual Summit is proudly hosted by Mayor Leoluca Orlando of Palermo in Sicily Italy and takes place on 21-23 October 2021. For the very first time the GPM will organise a hybrid interactive event and unite mayors, city networks and international experts to discuss city leadership and key global challenges at a local level. Read more here.

Partnering through Culture, Heritage and Art

Culture is now recognized as the fourth dimension of sustainable development, and one that permeates all other aspects of it. With a unique ability to support resilience and wellbeing – acutely observed during the COVID19 pandemic – the cultural sector has an undeniable potential to make a major contribution to delivering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Cultural Agents participated in this session with representatives of local and national governments, civil society and experts.

“Water Music” by Luis Szaram

Orchestra H2O Sounds of Earth was designated UNESCO Artist for Peace during a ceremony that took place at UNESCO Headquarters. The designation ceremony was followed by a concert. Created in 2002 by the Paraguayan maestro Luis Szarán, Orchestra H2O Sounds of Earth originated from a project of the Association Tierranuestra aiming at promoting “education through art”. This orchestra already enabled more than 18,000 children and young people from Paraguay to access music education. Click here to know more.


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July 4, 2021
by Rodriguez