Newsletter, September 2021

Peter Kurz receives the 2021 World Mayor International Award

Peter Kurz, Mayor of Mannheim, Germany receives the 2021 World Mayor International Award. His arts-based innovations include a newly established Public Library, headed by a multi-talented Turkish immigrant, and designed to be a center of culture and community for the diverse immigrant population in Mannheim. They will count this project as the newest among many others that Mayor Kurtz promotes to welcome refugees as active citizens. Click here to see Mayor Kurz participation in Renaissance Now Launch, Art is a Game Changer for Societal Challenges.

Cases for Culture

Visit our RENAISSANCE NOW website to see the archive of Cases for Culture  published so far. If you wish to share your own Case for Culture, you can write one, or propose an artistic intervention as raw material for a new case. All the Cases for Culture must follow the Guidelines.

“Show and Tell” a Notable Intervention

No one can quite paint and shape nails—or perspectives—like a young transgender woman of London. Charlie Craggs creates safe spaces to discuss transphobia through her free pop-up nail salons in public venues, sharing her story and providing artful manicures. Visit our section, YouAreHere to discover other notable interventions such as Charlie Craggs. You can also send us your review on Interventions to publish.

Pre-Texts with teenagers in Kibera

Tom Osborn, our African director, has launched this month a Pre-Texts workshop with teenagers in Kibera, after training facilitators and refreshing with them. They are doing day 2/5 then once a week for the whole of the next school semester. One of the most surprising things was yesterday when we were asking the text questions and the group of freshmen hanged their questions and their English teacher was like freshmen can’t ask these questions, they are not that advanced, reported Tom. We will have videos soon.

International Pre-Texts workshop

Saturday (09/11) Doris Sommer and Rebeca Brito held the first session of the International Pre-Texts Workshop. We hosted 21 participants from 9 countries. The group has 5 more sessions ahead, and will conclude the workshop with developing their own artistic interventions.

Pre-Texts workshop in Hong Kong 

In August we held a workshop for teachers with Ms. Menon, in Hong Kong. As a result, Principal Bai shared some reflections: I discovered that language is only the medium. What we experienced and gained was the improvement of concepts, protocols, and rationale; I thought two hours would be long, but later I discovered that it went very quickly, and when it finished I thought it was not enough. It shows that the activities were exciting and fun, welcoming and catering for diversity, lighting sparks for learners, creating an embracing atmosphere for learning and appreciation. Enjoy the full reflection here.



Pre-Texts project in Mannheim schools

The Pre-Texts project continues to make progress in Germany. Led by the Mannheim library team, all schools in the city received an email about the Pre-Texts and got the opportunity to have the workshops implemented in their place. The local team is scheduling the workshops since September 13th for the schools that have already shown interest.

A Pre-Texts experience report was published in a Brazilian Journal 

  The experience of the Pre-Texts workshop led by Camila Maciel in May 2019, at the Institute of Medical Engineering and Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (IMES MIT) was published in English at the Brazilian University Extension Journal. The experience report describes the protocol used in one of the activities carried out during the initiative aimed at the search for health impact solutions through disruptive innovation – “IDEA2 Global, Transforming Guidance and Connections for Innovators in Medical Technology”. Read the full article here.

Pre-Texts Q&A 

We will launch at the end of October an international weavers meeting. We are preparing this event to share different experiences in the application of Pre-Texts protocol. Are you a Pre-Texts facilitator? We would like to hear from you! Pre-Texts community, we invite you to send us your frequent questions by clicking here.

EDUCAPAZ – Pre-Texts: Art opens ways

During August, Victoria Mena, Pre-Texts trainer in Colombia, led “La paz se toma la palabra”, a workshop at the Banco de la República. She used a text of the most outstanding Afro-Colombian of the twentieth century. This is a reflection of Wilson Yair, one of the participants: For me as a teacher in training, the Pre-texts workshop seemed to be a very different way to approach the texts and to break them down collectively, allowing a wide range of exercises that influence my students in a positive way.

 Cambridge Arts Council is hiring a Community Arts Administrator

Come work with us! The Cambridge Arts Council is hiring a Community Arts Administrator to help produce Cambridge Arts Open Studios, Cambridge Arts River Festival, grants, Summer in the City, poetry programs, Street Performer Program, and Creative Marketplace program. Click here to find out.

News from Shamiri Institute

“We are excited to announce a new partnership with Cultural Agents.  Together we will be exploring how we can include art-based interventions—such as Pre-Texts—as part of our Shamiri toolkit.” Click here to read all the news from our partner, Shamiri Institute


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September 29, 2021
by Rodriguez