Newsletter, September 2022

Provisional Program

Doris Sommer tells us of an unusual collaboration with Pope Francis and of her new projects, including Renaissance Now, which aims to make cultural initiatives a priority in cities around the world.

Recovery of Good Practices – Chemistry trough Dance

Directed in 1971 by Robert Alan Weiss for the Department of Chemistry of Stanford University and narrated by Paul Berg, 1980 Nobel prize for Chemistry. To find more visit You are Here.

Pre-Texts Follow Up Gathering, India

On September 6th, 2022, The Heritage School, Vasant Kunj had the privilege to host dignitaries from schools and organizations across the country: “Our school believes that by working in collaboration with the students, relationships become positive and demonstrate mutual respect. Students feel that they are a part of the learning cycle and are more self-aware. All of these things together result in a productive learning environment” said Sunita Swaraj, facilitator of the session. Read more about our work in India!

What did we do?, Wenlai Middle School, Shanghai

At the end of some hilarious role-plays and activities, the students shared What did we do? And write it down to share with you. Enjoy all the answers here.

Cultural Excursions, Argentina

 Photos by Marcelo Somma

“We take our practices to new places. We travel to do our workshops in a different space, with new materials. We complement our ideas. We encourage our colleagues to face shame. We build citizenship. We reflect. We transform a text into a sculpture, we ask, we answer, and we hope that new questions have arisen”. Check out the children’s visit to the Haroldo Conti Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

 Children, Specialists in Silvina Ocampo, Argentina

We have been working at the Comedor Siempre Carrillo since 2019. Among authors we had read Silvina Ocampo short tales for a year. This year, we began to work with other authors, until one of the  children suggest and brought a text of Silvina Ocampo to share with the group, who immediately recognized the writer. Find out about this project here.

Internship Experiences 2022

The Strivers Network

In July and August, after attending the Pre-Texts workshop for Harvard interns, Avanthika Pulijala and Mehrin Faisal did their implementation in partnership with The Strivers Network. They led 10 sessions for 11 participants from Sri Lanka. We created a beautiful bond throughout and started enjoying each other’s company. We started getting to know each other more through our quirky questions, tangent discussions and reflections. It was such a heartwarming learning experience! said Avanthika Pulijala. Read the full report!

Knowledge to Enable Your Success

In June and July, 2022, Emma Fang led 2 workshops for Caribbean’s kids in partnership with the Knowledge to Enable Your Success. I believe I learned a lot about pace and communication when it comes to working with kids. The kids were also an increasing joy to have in class, as they became more and more comfortable participating, sharing out, being creative, and engaging with their classmates and myself, reported Emma. Read the full report!

Open Call Form

Artistic Activism and the Power of Collective Resistance

Ebony G. Patterson, Staying Power, 2021. The Village of Arts and Humanities, Philadelphia

Focusing on art as an act of solidarity and resistance, the 2022/23 Engine for Art, Democracy and Justice will bring together outstanding individuals from various creative disciplines whose work helps to reframe and rewrite the past, thereby enabling us to rethink how we can fight against the social injustices of our time and imagine a more socially just future for all. More information here.


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September 19, 2022
by Rodriguez