Newsletter, 27 june 2013

“These forms stem from the effects of violence. They are mingled with the color of blood, but, at the same time, this is where a dialogue with life, with new beginnings and fresh hope starts.”Imran Qurashi
27 June 2013
Dear Friends,

Here at Cultural Agents, summer is off to a busy and invigorating start. We have been finishing rounds of Pre-Texts summer workshops for teachers, collaborating with the SHARP fellowship program, and planning for a visit with one of our main inspirations on cultural agency: Pedro Reyes.

The Met’s Roof Garden Commission
presents Pakistani artist and Cultural Agent
Imran Qurashi.

Both Qurashi’s and Reyes’ works
reclaim violence in order
to generate new life.
art is a force that drives innovation

Pedro Reyes
@ the Arnold Arboretum!Mexican artist and cultural agent, Pedro Reyes responds to gun violence by melting decommissioned firearms and transforming them into cultural resources, such as shovels and musical instruments. His project, Palas por pistolas, comes to Boston on July 12th. Reyes will address the idea of artist as recycler and agent of change with a tree planting using one of his signature shovels.
Please contact us for more information.
Discover more from Estudio Pedro Reyes.

A participant at the TAG Pre-Texts workshop, lead by Paul Tritter (HGSE ’12), publishes his work on the clothesline.

Pre-Texts at the Phillips Brooks House Association
Pre-Texts facilitator Stephanie Cedeño joined Dr. Doris Sommer in a training series for PBHA’s Keylatch Summer Program. The participants will use the Pre-Texts methodology to enhance their curriculum development throughout the summer camp experience.
Text: “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury

PBHA participants discuss their tangents, June 2013

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June 27, 2013
by Rodriguez