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Chile: When the Capacity to be Surprised is Still Alive…


…anything can happen. 

Last week began the implementation of the Pre-Texts methodology at San Fernando College, located in the VI Region, Chile. The project is an initiative of pedagogical innovation and community service by Universidad Mayor and Cultural Agents in a school with 1,500 students.

The immense surprise was seeing how highly motivated teachers with demanding workloads were able to make their 7th and 9th-grade students enjoy reading, such as “La Pincoya,” by dancing, laughing, asking questions about the texts, and something that is an exception to the rule today: listening to each other.

Congratulations to the teachers Marina Inostroza, Fabiola Hurtado, and Daniela Tatiana Ossandón Vargas for their participation. And a special thanks to the UTP heads Carmen Luz Aramburú and Paola Carrasco. When an institution commits, it shows! Visit here

Current Newsletter