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Counter Melodies and Creativity: Filling the gaps in a rural Colorado school


The chapter titled ‘Counter Melodies and Creativity: Filling the gaps in a rural Colorado school’ is now available for your reading. Authored by Sophie Brown and Lindsay Bobyak, it has been included in the University of Guelph research repository and is part of the book “Impactful Classroom Experiences in Elementary Schools: Practices and Policies”, published by IGI Global.

This chapter serves as an introduction to the Pre-Texts methodology, which seamlessly combines civics, innovation, and literacy. It draws upon the practical experiences of Lindsay Bobyak and Sophie Brown, who utilized Pre-Texts with elementary students as part of Creative Roots Collective, an educational initiative in rural Colorado.

Within these pages, you’ll find real-life examples showcasing the arts-based protocol in action, along with a detailed breakdown of the key Pre-Texts activities. The authors also delve into the positive shifts in student behavior and provide valuable insights into seamlessly integrating Pre-Texts into a classroom curriculum.

Sophie Brown is a PhD student in Critical Studies in Improvisation with a collaborative specialization in International Development Studies. She served as a Harvard Cultural Agents Pre-Texts Intern in 2022, and this presentation and her chapter is the result of that internship.


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