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Geneva: The Reseach Work Within “Archives and Health”


Geneva is the result of research work based on the encounter between the Pre-Texts protocol, a creative process based on reading, the arts and creativity to support people’s well-being and mental health, and dance as a tool to support longevity and quality of life.
During Over Dance, the Harvard protocol was embraced by CCN/Aterballetto and developed with expressive dance, starting with a shared reading of a 1603 document from the Inquisition Archives, now kept at the State Archives in Modena.
The file, initialed “ASMO, Inquisition, b. 22, fasc 20, with attached seized magical writings,” reports the story of a woman, Ginevra Gamberini, who was put on trial for witchcraft.
But Ginevra is much more than a character living through the darkest history of the modern age and of Christianity. Read more here.


Current Newsletter