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Pre-Texts Introduced in Goiás’ Schools of the Future Program


In the heart of the Brazilian government at Palácio do Planalto, the Levemente Program, which employs the Pre-Texts methodology, was officially launched. This innovative initiative is set to be integrated into Goiás’ Schools of the Future (EFG) with a primary focus: creating a nurturing environment for students while equipping them with the tools necessary to identify and prevent potential instances of violence within the school community.

The program, developed in collaboration with the Federal University of Goiás (UFG) and Cultural Agents at Harvard University, aims to address and reduce violence within the school environment.

During the event, Doris Sommer was accompanied by Professor Marilucia Lago, the Coordinator of the Levemente Program, as well as Vice Governor Daniel Vilela. They were joined by other attendees, including Professor Moisés Cunha, the Director-General of the Center for Education, Labor, and Technology (CETT-UFG), Jonathan Clímaco, the Chief Financial Officer of CETT/UFG, and Professor João Teodoro, the Technical Coordinator of CETT/UFG.

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