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University Mayor Renews its Educational Project


The Escuela de Educación at the University Mayor, Chile, has chosen to include Pre-Texts as a central methodology within its new educational project, making it a defining feature of the institution. Dr. Paulina Núñez Lagos, the Director of the Pre-Texts Program at the University Mayor, shares insights regarding this decision: 


Universidad Mayor includes the Pre-Texts methodology as part of its distinctive hallmark

As previously mentioned, the OECD has emphasized that creative thinking must become a key element within the classroom. In Chile, despite this competence being included in the school curriculum, there is still a need to effectively integrate it into the learning process.

An inspiring example is the complete overhaul of the educational project at the School of Education of the University Mayor, scheduled for 2024. Within the profile of the new educator, three qualities stand out: being reflective to redefine their role and promote continuous improvement, being inclusive to foster citizenship education based on equity, and being innovative to transform the classroom into a democratic space that sparks creativity. Within the profile of the new educator involves supporting teachers in the development of methodologies that enhance these qualities, rather than mere words. Notably, Pre-Texts is highlighted for its connection between the arts and creativity, an essential tool for educating literate citizens capable of facing future challenges in a respectful society.

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