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Vauro Senesi in the Reggio Emilia Workshop


The Pre-texts in prison project had a special guest: Vauro Senesi, designer, writer and activist. Vauro conducted a Pre-texts session with Sara Uboldi with a group of 37 people subjected to limitations of freedom, in the protected wards for transgender inmates, patients followed by the mental health services and men and young men, within the Penitentiary Institute of Reggio Emilia.

The starting text chosen was “The Queen of Kabul” by Vauro Senesi, with some pages about the Afghanistan war, recalling the extraordinary figure of Gino Strada, the doctor who founded Emergency. During the session, participants drew and painted together with the artist Vauro who recounted his experience of the war in Afghanistan, Africa and other parts of the world. When Vauro talked about the mutilated children he met in Kabul, a young participant said: “I only now understood what the word ‘war’ means, seeing Vauro’s eyes fill with tears.”



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