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World Economic Forum Participation

Cultural Agents

During the World Economic Forum, the session “The Art of Business” was curated by Johanna Zuleta. Additionally, the Bluegain’s Luncheon took place, where the discussion focused on answering the question “What holds the world together?”

Art of Business: World Economic Forum presentation

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland from January 15-19, Johanna Zuleta curated a session titled The Art of Business. 

She cross-pollinates among leaders in business, politics, arts and humanities to develop synergies and make visible the interactions among fields that often stay in silos.  Featured at the meeting were Hans-Ulrich Obrist, distinguished curator of the Serpentine Gallery in London, Pedro Wirz, Brazilian visual artist who lives in Zurich and exhibits worldwide, and Doris Sommer, of Cultural Agents at Harvard University. 

They participated in the principle theme of many WEF meetings: How AI will change everything. On this issue, our contributions focused on the important role of imagination and judgment to take advantage of AI rather than to be led by it.

They highlighted the role of arts in leadership, showcasing how art is a resource for collaboration, and how creativity can be a guiding force in navigating complex challenges.

Bluegain’s event in the WEF

At bluegain’s Luncheon event during the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, we asked: “What holds the world together?”
Doris Sommer shared her insights on art and culture as catalysts for paradigm shifts. Emphasizing the need for a collaboration between AI and human faculties, including judgment. It’s one thing to expect AI to refine its results, and another to consider what AI means for human beings who will prefer to take short-cuts to thinking and creating. The promise is to make AI a tool, not a decision maker.

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